Here are 3 ways technology is making casinos smarter and better

by Neha Tandon Sharma

It’s no secret there are probably more casinos than people in the United States. Of course, this is just an overstatement but there are in fact more than a 1000 casinos across the United States. Currently, 40 states have some form of casino gambling which makes it a massive market, but is it a secure one too? The answer is, yes! Technology leaves nothing to chance and comes with surety of its services. Some of the best online casino NZ in 2019 and most casinos have adapted these new systems in their daily dealings, pun intended. What does this bring to the table (pun double-intended)? It brings safety, security and elimination of cheaters and frauds, making gambling fun and fair for everyone. Here is how casinos are making this possible:

1. RFID/ GPS technology-
RFID also is known as Radio-Frequency Identification or Radio Frequency Identification uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track labels attached to objects. In relevance to casinos this technology is used in casino chips. It helps the casino by automatically identifying objects and capturing data about them. This technology comes in handy with big number chips ranging from $10000 to $25000. How it works in simple too; found inside the chip, is a unique identification number that is entered into the casino management chips records. In this way, a casino knows at any time where a chip of it is and what happens to it. Casinos will surely love this as it prevents robberies from taking place. RFID technology can also be used by casinos in order to develop a profile of the chip holder. In short, casinos feel safer with RFID technology chips as they better secure their weaknesses and find out more important details about the players.

2. Facial Recognition-
This doesn’t need much explanation. It’s easy to understand why a technology like facial recognition plays a key role in a place like a casino which is so full of two things, people and money. Real money and fake people getting together is what scares the daylights out of the casino authorities and facial recognition technology helps them eliminate this at the root. Regardless of the clothing that players wear to the casino, the cameras have the ability to recognize the face of anyone from a long distance, so if you cover your head with a bonnet, or put on a fake beard it will do you no good and the casino will get an alert. Its effectiveness is precise and scammers can’t camouflage or hide from this powerful technology.

3. Virtual Reality-
While online casinos weren’t exactly what they call well-received, they have surely grown in terms of experience and liking. Online casinos also go a step further in offering extra incentives and benefits. The experience is getting better by the day with high-end 3D graphics, massive on-screen touch interactivity, super high resolution 4K pixel clarity, professional music, sound, and audio effects, and an all-encompassing super panoramic wide screen cinematic gaming experience. All said and done, what can be better than playing slots in your jammies? Winning slots while wearing jammies and playing in the comfort of your living room. The millennials aren’t going anywhere now.


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