Help Ms. Tea Smith to find her Mr. Right and go home with an iPad

by ruchi

I understand the urge of product makers to dish out accessories for i-gadgets but how about a boy selling his kidney for an iPad or a Chinese girl ready to lose her virginity for iPhone? Even the word bizarre is too small to describe this phenomenon. Here is another crazy story from ‘will-do-anything-for-iPad/iPhone town. A woman, in her quest to find her Mr. Right, is ready to offer anyone either an iPad of $500 if they can get her hitched to the love of her life. The 32 yr old Tea Smith from Perth, Australia seeks real love and couldn’t think of a better way to lure Apple fan boys to get in to the groom-hunting business for her.

She actually has a blog post titled as “Introduce me to my soul mate, win an iPad.” And she has preferences too. She needs the guy to be over 5’10 tall and be a social drinker but not an obsessive alcoholic. And to win here, you need not necessarily go introduce her to people you know. Simply put up her blog on your Facebook wall or Retweet it. So just use the prowess of social media to spread the word around.
[Cult of Mac]

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