Hello Kitty iPhone Speaker

by Gareth Mankoo

Well, here’s something for the girls on the page, for a change. This Hello Kitty iPhone Speaker will surely get the fairer sex all tuned up, especially, with the fine work on the exteriors of the speaker. It will pack two versions, namely the ‘European Black’ and the ‘Silky’. These are differentiated mainly by color and price (if we are to believe the translator). The features include a subwoofer, 75dB pumping sound, mini stereo inputs, a weight of almost a kilogram and 360 degree sound dispersion with Surface Mount Technology (SMT) and Lossless Entergy Amplification Technology (LEA). All you have do is touch the ears to control the volume.

If you’re a dude then it’s a smart gift for your frill-loving girl, especially if you’re wondering how you can better your iPhone gift you had her last Valentine’s Day. They are priced between $154 and $178, depending on which model you are aiming for.

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