HD Hero2 camera from GoPro scores 1080p

by Gareth Mankoo

GoPro are known for their sports devices. That’s just what they’ve lived up to with the release of the HD Hero 2 camera. It completely outdoes its predecessor by offering you a processor that’s twice as good, a 11-megapixel, a better glass lens, good low-light photography, 120fps with WVGA resolutions that goes down to 30fps with 1080p video, 10.11MP photos per second on a burst mode, Wi-Fi media control with GoPro app, live streaming on Web, long range remote up to 50 GoPro cameras, 3.5mm external mic input, works with Wi-Fi BacPac and Wi-Fi Remote.

Clearly the HD Hero 2 is going to fit many bills that will extend beyond the sports arena. It is completely compatible with all GoPro mounts and other accessories. You can pick it in Outdoor Edition, Motorsports Edition or Surf Edition for $300.

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