Have a Techy Christmas and a NewLaunches Year 2011!

by Gareth Mankoo

It’s the holiday season. Sit back, relax, sip some wine and spread some cheer.
Nothing takes a toll on you like a hectic year gone by. This holiday season there are scores of good things to look forward to. Super Mario, as you can see here, has turned 25 and made his mark on the minds of those who’ve never had the good fortune of playing with pixels. We saw a year that was 3D-, tablets– and WikiLeaks-infested. The New Year will promise more goodies at CES 2011. These include everything from processors to 4G-compatible phones.

There’s a lot more coming up, so keep your pockets full of cash and hopes higher than pot can ever take you. We’ll accompany you along your quest for the best new launches of the year. On that note, we move on to the next post.
Party Hard,
Play Harder,
Team NewLaunches