Hasselblad’s 60 megapixel H4D camera

by anoop

Hassleblad unveiled its upgrade to its H System medium format cameras. The H4D is one of the cameras to be equipped with a true off- enter autofocus system known as True Focus. Unlike the DSLRs the H4D has a yaw rate sensor that can detect the horizontal and vertical movement away from the focus point and refocus the lens to compensate. The camera is also equipped to adjust the color automatically including vignetting and other image qualities and can be transferred to your computer using FireWire to bypass the camera’s own storage. The in-house Phocus software has also been revamped and the version 2.0 is faster and easier to use. The H4D-50 is 50MP and will cost around $29,299 for the complete system. The high end H4D-60 having 60MP will burn your pockets at $42,486 approximately. The premium model will be shipped first starting November but H4D-50 will be only in January next year. If you plan to order the H3DII-50 now, you will get a free upgrade to the H4D-50. More good news if you own the H3D-31 or H3D-39, because if you do own one of these, then you will receive a discount to upgrade to either of the new models.