Hasbro brings new Angry Bird toys QR codes and new character unlocking interaction

by Shayne Rana

So Angry Birds is gearing up for the ‘next level’ in slingshot fun as their upcoming addition to the mobile gaming franchise is almost ready to launch. Following the famous Sci-Fi epic saga of Star Wars, the game just got a little more interesting for hardcore fans. Hasbro, the toy-maker extraordinaire is adding some real flare and interactivity to their latest line of Angry Birds Star Wars themed action figures. Each figure will ship with a QR code at the bottom and when scanned by your handset or tablet, will unlock new characters in the game. This makes things quite intersting for collectors and even the kids who seem to be just as avid about the mobile game as anyone else.

The Angry Bird merchandise alone must be rocking the developer’s bank account into a frenzy. Of course not all of it is legitimate but, you can’t really go wrong with the colourful characters. The introduction of interaction between the toys and the games will sure make them more enticing to own. Even if the game is free, those caught up in the series will nevertheless want to own part of the surrounding “environment” as it were, i.e. merchandise and Hasbro is chasing in big time. It’s the interactivity and unlocking potential that will certainly make a big stand for gamers, and I do agree with some who are of the opinion that this could also go a long way for the console genre. I know I would personally be saving up a lot for the figures from console games especially if they had added ‘unlocking’ abilities.


[Via – Gizmodo]

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