Hanging Alarm clock Ascends to wake you

by mohsin

Few years back we had covered a few weird concept alarm clocks that will surely make one wake up from bed. It seems this has now taken shape and being implemented as the Hanging Alarm clock. Its working isn’t ordinary just like the rest of the weirdest concepts of alarms; the alarm has to be hooked on the room ceiling with a 30cm cable that holds it in place. When ringing all it needs to go into snooze mode is a light touch, once you do touch that’s when the action begins. The alarm gradually starts climbing up the string until it becomes apparent that the only way to deactivate it is to stand up. The alarm adds a little character by not using a simple buzz or a ring but rather goes berserk with flashing lights and a really loud ticking sound that follows a loud wailing sound.

The only way to turn the alarm off is to pull the alarm all the way down, which to me looks like what most users will do once the novelty wears off. You can grab one this for approx $30 here.

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