Hanging Cocoon is the hammock to own for the coming summer

by Gareth Mankoo

Summer is coming. It will take its sweet time but it will not be long before we smell sweet blossoms and the sour tang of damp socks. The good thing of this deal is that it gives you time to step out of your porch and embrace the welcome rays of the sun. So why not do it with style? This cool Hanging Cocoon hammock concept apes the designs pioneered by the weaver bird. The cocoon can support weights of up to 440 lbs. The entire unit is made up of 350 gram cotton/polyester fabric, a carabiner and a 15-foot rope to hoist you up. The design is based around an 8-section aluminum ring that is extremely easy to set up.

In all its practical sense, the Hanging Cocoon is truly different given that it requires just a single tree to suspend it. It’s a tad under $400 and currently in use at luxury spas in England’s West Country.

[Available at Hammacher]

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