Handy MP3 player doubles up as a zit-buster

by yogesh

You may be wondering what is the connection between an Mp3 player and zits; a teenager is the answer. Since many of them suffer the consequence of transforming to an adult, this enterprising Japanese manufacturer has combined music and zit-therapy. The 1.2-ounce mpion MP3 player holds only 128MB of music (approx 20 mins), but within that time it can be used to massage you face as it mpion releases positively and negatively charged ions, which supposedly neutralize breakouts. Here are the instructions: Touch the device to the offending area as you listen to tunes, flip the switch to Minus, and hold for five to 10 minutes. Allegedly, the negative ions open pores and replenish moisture. Then, flip it to Positive and hold to reduce oil and close your pores back up.

The mpion MP3 player falls in the “wellbeing plus music” category. It costs around 21,000 yen ($184).
Via – Gizmodiva

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