Hand Vacuum Cleaner makes cleaning super-hero easy

by Gareth Mankoo

I always looked at Storm from X-Men and wondered how amazing it would be if your palms, when waved across a horizon could clear skies and bring winds. Well, you can’t do all that now, but what you can do is clean some dirt off by merely waving your palm. That’s the wonder of the Hand Vacuum Cleaner. The body of the cleaner straps to your waist, while the nozzle fits your palm, as if it were a glove. This Italian concept has pretty much given you the power to move dust and other undesirables off, or suck them (whichever may be your trip)/, by merely moving your hands across.

Then like every other concept comes the ‘if’. What if you were to clean floors with this one? It would ensure you a flat tummy for sure but a sprained back too.