Hand crank Lego USB charger

by Dhiram Shah

Many of the latest MP3 players, PMP, Mobile phones etc can be charged via a USB port. Did you know you can build a cool Hand crank USB charger made with parts from a Mindstorms kit and Radio Shack. The charger uses a Lego motor to generate current which is passed through a voltage regulator and then to the USB port.
It would make a great stocking stuffer for anyone who uses devices that charge via usb. If you are getting it for a person who likes to build their own things, just collect all the parts put them in a ziplock, and put that in the stocking.
(Video after the jump)



  1. Lego USB Charger

    Add this to the list of cool things you can do with your Legos. The hand crank Lego charger lets you juice up any USB-based gadget the old fashioned way, by cranking it up. It seems fairly simple to…

  2. derek cook

    wow now i can charge my ipod in bed

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