Hammerhead custom gaming rig looks like a paralyzed Alienware, delivers

by Gareth Mankoo

Most of those who fall for customized computers aren’t those who like looks more. So that’s one parameter we will keep aside as we explore the prowess of the HMR98902 rig. The body is made of hand-built anodized aluminum and ecoresin, and is made to order. You have to make sure you’re in a lint- and dust-free room with this one since the components are just too exposed. On the positive side, it makes upgradation of components a wee bit simpler. It is, indeed for the nerd who loves dissecting and disemboweling his rig twice every fortnight, looking in vain for room for upgrade. The specs read as: 2.8GHz Intel i7-860 CPU, Nvidia ENGTX46GPU, 4GB main memory, 40GB Intel solid state drive, 640GB front-loading hard disk that is ‘hot-swappable’ plus an extra tray for another hot-swap hard drive, an optical DVD drive, Windows 7 64-bit pre-installed OS.

03c.jpgI wonder who need to upgrade this monster. It will be home delivered to you if you want it in just two weeks. Just make sure you have that $2,899 ready.

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