Halo 3 footage – tested by the US Army in Iraq

by Dhiram Shah

Though there is still some time before we can get our hands on Halo 3. Bungie decided to spread some holiday cheer to soldiers stationed in Iraq by sending Alpha releases of Halo 3. A poster on Gamespot forums (who claims to be a soldier in Iraq) says
Well I played it last night and there was only 3 maps available all PvP. I didn’t see anything of the single player mode. But what I did see was freakin sweet. O yeah you can store weapons and cycle through them for later use. The developers were pretty cool they were giving away games. A freind of mine won Gears of War. They said that story line wise they want to wrap everything up in the 3rd one. I asked for a release date, all they could tell me was late next year. O yeah the x-box 360s they had were weird. They were all black but not cool black, more like they just came off the factory line and never got painted. O and we were playing the game on HDTVs, and the graphics look very good. I’m goint back there tonight.
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