HAL may be the savior robot we all fantasized

by Gareth Mankoo

Who can be a bigger superhero than the one who does more than protect you from dangers? Behold, the HAL robot, who is there for you when your very own body breaks down. The robot suit was demonstrated and exhibited at Cybernics International Forum 2011. The robot detects weak bioelectric signals emitted from the brain to the other parts of the body, especially limbs, and triggers the desire action by operating motors to affect the same. Professor Sankai has pioneered this field of advanced robotics. Clearly, as mentioned in the source. While the West works on technological advances in defense, Japan look forward to better healthcare and more.

The designing and building of a brain-reading system clearly implies that a good deal of cooperation from physicians and doctors specializing in neurotics have been taken care of. There’s already a commercial version of the HAL ready, purely for social welfare.