Haier TV has no 3D and no power cable, wireless energy source for the win

by Shayne Rana

We’ve been talking about having wireless emission of energy to fuel our technology for awhile and we’ve seen some pretty unusual and some very innovative ideas but Haier has put it to work. At this year’s CES the China-based company showcased a TV, no, not a 3D TV this time. Not only does this TV come without 3D support it also comes without a power cord. That’s right, this Haier TV uses WHDI 1.0 (Wireless Home Digital Interface) developed by WiTricity Corp. It uses magnetic coupling to transfer electricity to this prototype TV. The TV comes with a coil built in and can generate up to 100W electricity that can be supplied from a distance of about 1 meter. The power feeding distance depends on the size of the coil. I can’t wait for this whole wireless energy bit to come home. I hate wires.

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