Hacker comes up with an Android app that can remotely Attack and Hijack an Airplane

by Sayan Chakravarty

Do you think anyone can possibly develop a mobile app that can HIJACK an aircraft? An Android app was demonstrated at the “Hack in the Box” security forum that can take control of a commercial flight. Hugo Tesco, a security consultant and also a trained pilot, put up a presentation which was practical demonstration of how the app can extract important data from aircraft system and be used to control the aircraft; either by uploading a new flight plan or by remotely adjusting the plane’s steering wheel. The attack can be executed remotely, without needing physical access to the target aircraft at any time.

Tesco pointed out that several systems still used on planes are unencrypted and insecure which can be easily hacked, and that once he had access to these systems he could control the plane when it is put into auto-pilot mode. Tesco tested the app named “Planesploit” on many virtual flights from a special lab, and said it’s very easy to develop one of these. The idea of a nut-job remotely hijacking the flight controls with a mobile app is scary and ridiculous at the same time.

[Via – Techradar]

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