Guys puts an end to bed-sharing wars

by Gareth Mankoo

This is something for those who do not sleep alone. A bed-mate (not counting bugs, pets and stuffed toys) is one who share our most vulnerable moments. One may be a bad-ass biker, but asleep, even a toddler could literally kick his buttock out of bed. So, this genius husband who seems to been a victim of his wife’s bed-side dominance has found a novel idea. The age-old debate of who consumes more bed-room is a thing of the past, thanks to his $36 investment in a laser that divided the bed into two halves. Any partner crossing over would be trespassing and their encroachment could be duly put to a halt.

The idea by Reddit user jonathan881 seems to be a promising solution. “In our house there is no debate, ONLY DATA,” writes Jonathan. “I asked whom she thought was the more frequent offender, she guessed 50/50 i’m no noob…this is totally playful, no spite at all. I’m a lucky guy.” If only that lazer offered mild burns on exposed skin, the ruling would be an even greater success. But then we’ve got upholstery to worry about, don’t we?

[ Via : Boredpanda ]