Guy makes himself at home in B&N outlet, brings whole computer rig for free Wi-Fi

by Shayne Rana

There are geeks and then there are geeks (myself included of course), but this guy takes the cake. When one of America’s top book stores, Barnes & Noble, decided to offer free Wi-Fi, naturally it did more business as students or readers would comfortably sit in the cafe and surf, get information on best buys or just check your email and order. Since B&N don’t provide PCs for the same one would obviously assume patrons would be using their own laptops and or mobile handsets. Not this guy though. He wanted to make things extra comfy and probably took an employee’s ‘ Make yourself at home’ quip a little too seriously, as he brought his entire PC rig with him – CRT monitor, keyboard, Wi-Fi router obviously, the whole nine yards. This takes freeloading to whole new level.

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