GST G-Drive Slim is world’s slimmest HDD, from Hitachi

by Gareth Mankoo

Hitachi are more space conscious than any of you hot and happening drive makers. With the GST G-Drive Slim coming with the promise of being the world’s smallest HDD to hit the retail chain, we know where the ‘reduction in size of gadgets’ mentality is heading. This 320GB hard drive measures just 2.5 inches. It’s true that Hitachi have set a world record with this one being the clear frontrunner for thinnest HDD in the world. What’s more is that the device is USB powered and is basically a 7mm Travelstar Z5K320 hard drive housed in a 128.6- x 82- x 9.9mm aluminum case. When sold, these drives are specially formatted to be used with Macs (only). However, you can always reformat them to suit your purpose (read: OS).

If you are a MacBook user then there wouldn’t be a better accessory for you. It is available at the Apple Store for $99. That’s quite reasonable a price for something so slim and sleek.

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