Griffin StompBox multi-function foot controller for Apple devices hits stores for $100

by ruchi

Griffin technology has debuted Stompbox, a new programmable multi-function foot controller for musicians. It works with iOS software and lets the user take advantage of a variety of virtual guitar effects. It is designed to work with Frontier Design’s iShred Live software, the user can actually sweep between effects using their feet and thus keeping your hands free for other instruments.

The controller comes with a a 3.3-foot Griffin GuitarConnect which allows a seamless connection between instruments, headphones (or PA/amp) and an i-device be it your iPod touch, iPad or iPhone. It has four buttons, each of which can be assigned using the Apple OS and the set up would also work for bass guitar, keyboards or electric violin.
This product isn’t just for musicians. You could use it with the QScript teleprompter app and control text scrolling or presentation functions. Apart from Griffin stores, Stompbox would also be available through Apple stores for a price of $100.


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