Griffin Redefines Portable Music With iTrip Universal FM Transmitter

by ruchi

Griffin Technology has had many impressive i-smitten creations up its sleeves but it’s recently announced iTrip Universal FM Transmitter did more than just decking up your possessions. The transmitter lets you stream songs for your iPod, iPad, iPhone or any media player to your car’s stereo speakers. It will simply send the music to nearest FM receiver so no matter where you are, be it home or in car, you can listen to your favorite singles without actually having your music stash around. All you got to do is find an unused frequency on the radio’s FM dial and tune the transmitter to that frequency. The device has two user-programmable presets which lets you have quick access to your saved preferences.

The device doesn’t carry any glam statement but it still manages to pull off an interesting feature. Two AA batteries will be needed to juice up the transmitter. Griffin is also making available an optional window mount which can be stationed on your dashboard or card windscreen. Both of these products will be hitting the retail stores in Q1 of 2011. Both the iTrip Universal transmitter and option window mount are humbly priced at $25 and $20 respectively. If you’re looking for more on iPod/iPhone goodies from the same folks, PowerBlock Reserve and Power jolt Reserve and Griffin Simplifi are some of their interesting stuff which you can consider.