Griffin AirCurve and Clarifi sharpens eyes and ears for the iPhone 3G

by mohsin

The AirCurve dock collects and amplifies the sound from the built-in iPhone 3G speaker. It does so by using a coil waveguide within its base, and therefore does not need batteries or another power source to work. It uses a coiled waveguide within its base, which is visible from its transparent body. It is designed to provide for a separate pass-through slot for charging or synchronizing. Other than that, Griffin also displayed the Clarifi for iPhone 3G. The Clarifi is a new polycarbonate case featuring a built-in sliding close-up lens that enhances the macro and close-up functionality of the iPhone 3G’s built-in camera, allowing users to shoot crisp images from as little as four inches away from the subject. The Griffin AirCurve dock will set you back $19.99 while the Clarifi is all yours for $34.99.

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