CES 2014: Griffin PowerMate controller goes wireless

by Gareth Mankoo

Here’s what many have been wishing for. The awesome, irreplaceable controller from Griffin, Powermate, has finally unleashed itself in a Bluetooth-enabled, wireless avatar. Simply called PowerMate Bluetooth, the new controller is simply described as a clickable knob. Computer users have been benefiting from the convenience of this tool for ages but have been hindered with the wires that limit distance and add to clutter. Now, they can easily use the PowerMate Bluetooth and scroll through Web pages, edit media or even create audio compilations, hassle-free. Bluetooth 4.0-enabled Macs can also leverage this cool controller. The volume knob and mute buttons work just fine with the Apple interface.

“First introduced in 2001, PowerMate has proven to have exceptional staying power within the CE marketplace, an industry known for its rapid product life cycles and fated obsolescence,” said Mark Rowan, President at Griffin Technology. “The original PowerMate, with its timeless design and functionality, has garnered a dedicated user base and we’re certain PowerMate Bluetooth will carry on the legacy.” The all new Bluetooth variant also allows pairing between multiple PowerMates, for those who multi-task heavily. It will be available by Summer this year for about $60.


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