Gresso rolls out Luxor Collection cellphones for the rich and famous

by deepa

After devoting time to modify iPhone 4 for exquisite form and uninterrupted function, Gresso has moved on to roll out their new collection. Christened, Luxor, this collection consists of the $1,000,000 Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot and the $20,000 Luxor Las Vegas. True to its name, the Jackpot version flaunts a million dollar price tag along with 180g of solid pure gold, 45.5 k black diamonds and rare African Blackwood. Inspired by the ancient Egypt and gambling hub, Las Vegas, even every key on the keypad boasts of crystal sapphire. Offered in limited number of three only, the rear of this edition will be engraved with the personal number of the specimen.

The slightly affordable Luxor Las Vegas Luxor Las Vegas phone case is made of solid gold, same 200-year-old African Blackwood and embellished with a bezel. This edition will hit the shelves in this month only.
Via – [Luxurylaunches]

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