Green House stick uses ultrasound to make beer delicious

by Gareth Mankoo

Not many of us get our beer servings right but for those who truly value the flavor of their beer, the presence of a generous smearing of foam would be deemed significant. It’s unfortunate though that many a times, we fail to conjure up the perfect serving with a healthy foam/beer ratio. Among the many solutions available to tackle this dodgy issue is the Green House stick. It can produce beer bubbles with the help of ultrasound, thus achieving a perfect 7:3 ratio of beer to foam. The simple press of a switch produces a high density of vibratory waves producing healthy foam in a matter of seconds. It can also create its bubbly magic in bottled beer or cans.

The Green House vibrating stick will set you back 3000 Yen ($24). It works with two AAA batteries and weighs 43 grams. It sure makes a delightful investment for the summer, albeit it would warrant a trip to Japan.

[Via – Nlab IT Media]