Gorenje presents Made for iPod refrigerator!

by Neha Tandon Sharma

To be honest I am quite sick of writing about apple iPod, its a-new-one-at-every-second pouches and the docks. This time though they have given me something really fascinating to inscribe. Gorenje has come out with the “Made for iPod” refrigerator which by far would be the best iPod anything. The fridge freezer with built-in speakers and a docking station for charging an iPod touch enables listening to music or playing back video contents ranging from music videos to video recipes. So your kitchen can well be termed your recreational hub and spending your day in there could well be your favourite pastime. The revolutionary wi-fi interface for touch control enables searching, browsing, or downloading contents from the internet. So you are never left confused or clueless, at least till the time you are around Gorenje fridge.

Gorenje also launched the development of a web portal iGorenje which will offer various contents related to cooking and other household tasks like controlling all kinds of Gorenje appliances—from the washing machine to the oven. So you can put your clothes into the washing machine but not put it on while you are there. You can always do that when you are away right?
Via – Gizmodiva