Gordon Murray brings Batmobile back to life

by ruchi

You don’t have to necessarily be a Batman fan to appreciate Gordan Murray’s latest concept car. You just have to be a super car enthusiast to fall in love with this rendition of Batmobile. Batman’s hi-tech wheels have always been the focal point of Dark Knight’s adventures, be it in comics or movies. Gordan Murray has picked up only few influences from these sources and has added his own futuristic strokes here to make it a befitting accessory in the Batman Live arena show.

Since the modern-day mantra in auto industry is ‘go green,’ he has ingrained those ecological features here with hydrogen fuel cell and a brace of lithium-ion batteries. The car comes in a sleek carbon chassis and is known integrate real-world aerodynamics. The only hiccup here is its overall attire is pretty dull and for something as fancy and flame-spitting car like this, some lacquer could have done a lot of good.
Gordon Murray has used his previous experience of Formula One cars here, like the faired virtual wheels and wing sections which harness and are augmented by rear-mounted fans. He has also used the ‘breathable carbonfibre’ material here which is a porous material that works with fans to channel air through the body surfaces for aerodynamic efficiency. Enthusiasts can catch this at the Batman Live arena show which will open its gates on July 19 in Manchester and travel to other parts of UK.