Google’s Andy Rubin confirms full Flash support for Android, sticks it Apple

by Shayne Rana

Android’s upcoming version 2.2 that’s been dubbed Froyo is going to have full Flash support, so says Andy Rubin from Google in an interview recently with the New York Times. In fact ‘Flash’ makers Adobe already showcased Flash 10.1 running on a Nexus One running on Froyo. According to report Google’s definition of openness ‘meant not being militant about the things consumers are actually enjoying’. I find myself smiling and it’s a rather large smile at that, as this is obviously a poke at the big bad Apple. It was just earlier this month when Apple CEO Steve Jobs made a crack about mobile users who wanted Porn on their phones should use Android. Payback’s a real bi*$h ain’t it.

Considering Apple seems to have given Adobe the boot and seem to be pro HTML5 the rivalry between these two monarchs of mobile is going to get real ugly. The interview seemed like Rubin was seriously sticking it to Apple and still making Google look like the good guys. Personally I say, good ‘Job’.

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