Google’s Android 5.0 Smart Lock eases security on your phone when not needed

by Gareth Mankoo

It’s one thing to safeguard your phone when you’re at places like a café, a shopping mart or sometimes even the office. Inquisitiveness and devilry get the better of most around us, making it difficult to keep a tap on who’s about to poke their nose into our respective phones. So, we make it difficult for them with security locks and checks. But doesn’t this both us when we head back home, where the only enemy we truly have is ourselves? Google seems to have figured this out with the all new Android 5.0 feature that lets you mark certain locations as ‘trusted places’ and eases the security measures on your phone. The feature has been added to the Smart Lock feature in the latest rendition of the OS.

Besides your home, you can also set multiple ‘trusted places’ to your phones settings. This could really take away the frustration of trying to recollect unlock codes when you’re drowsy from a relaxing night’s sleep.

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