Google TV will have apps and voice control, so you can say it to see it

by Shayne Rana

Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt had a few very interesting things to say at IFA this year, about Google TV and what it plans to bring to the table, I mean the living room. Although he wasn’t very specific he did hint a few features that are certain to get our attention. Firstly, we now know that 2011 is the year Google TV will be out in an official capacity. Applications will obviously follow suite to enhance the overall functionality of the system. There’s no word on how exactly one would be able to download these apps just yet. I’m thinking a Google TV App Market might be the ticket. Another feature that came up was voice control for Google TV. So all you’ll have to do is say a channel name like ‘National Geographic’ and presto, the next thing you’ll see is a lion munching on dinner in the middle of the Savannah.
Fast Company