Google thinks Mac users are snob, Kindle is expensive and so on

by shilpa

Everyday is a surprise at Google. They come up with the craziest, most unimaginable things to surprise us too. Well, the latest is Google Suggest which is a little pop-up box of search suggestions that gives you answers to some really odd questions – random things. For example, if we put in ‘Mac users are’ it would come up with a list of answers like ‘Mac users are annoying’ or Mac users are snobs’ or ‘Mac users are retards’. If you put in something about the entertainment mania World of Warcraft you would get responses including ‘World of Warcraft is a feeling’, ‘World of Warcraft is crap’. It even calls Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft an idiot! Insults Kindle to be not too worthy. And so on and so forth. So cool! Wonder to what limits Google will push their luck.