Google Googles finally finds its way to the Apple iPhone

by Shayne Rana

One of the few things I was able to hold over my iPhone toting friends was that my Android handset had Google Goggles, the ultimate image search application from the search giant. Just in case you’re oblivious to the concept, it’s an app that allows you to capture an image of anything in your surroundings like art work, company logos, landmarks, book covers, Movie posters, etc., sends it to the net, matches it to similar or the same image online and sends you all the possible information you could want relating to the picture. In three words, it is awesome! Well my days of gloating are over as Goggles is now available in the Apple AppStore and comes bundled with the Google Mobile App for the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 that are currently on iOS 4 or higher. At least those of my buddies with iPhone 3G’s won’t share in the glory, I hope.

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