Google gives a sneak peak of the Android 3.0 Honeycomb

by ruchi

A lot has been already talked about Android 3.0 i.e. Honeycomb OS heavily optimized for tablets. The on-going CES event seems to be only about handsets and tablets featuring this Google OS. So we just thought that its time that we gave our readers a quick read on its features. Being tailor-made for large screens i.e tablets, it strongly implies this one will not be seen in smartphones anymore. It will be characterized by features like multi-tasking, elegant notifications, full access to Android App market, home screen customization with rich 3D experience and more interactive widgets. Also, Google hasn’t published the full spec sheet and a confirmed release date yet. We have also heard that Android smartphones hare scoring above iPhone, though with a marginal percentage, in the market. With the advent of Honeycomb, this gap in market share might not be marginal with respect to Tablets.