Google drops Windows for Mac OS for security reasons

by iona

Following a recent hacking scare at Google HQ, all versions of Microsoft’s Windows OS have now been banned. Whilst official sources have declined to comment, unofficial inside sources quoted in the Financial Times are claiming that employees will have to choose between Apple’s Mac OS or Linux, from now on. While this may not be intended as a dig at a major competitor, one cannot help but wonder. Global giants Microsoft and Google are fierce rivals in many areas. Not nearly as popular as Google’s Search, Microsoft’s Bing is undoubtedly gaining market share, whilst Google Docs is in direct competition with Microsoft’s online version of Office. Even in the mobile world, Google’s Android is up against Windows Mobile. And with plans in the pipeline for Google TV, the future for Windows Media Center looks uncertain. The competition looks set to intensify even further, as even Google’s Chrome OS may start shuffling up alongside Microsoft’s Windows 7 for space on netbooks.

Whilst Apple is an undoubtedly strong market rival, for now at least, Apple’s OS seems to be lesser of two evils at Google HQ.

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