Google brings out Android 2.0 in the open

by Gareth Mankoo

Google spilled out all the beans of what the Android 2.0 platform could be like. Among the many features added to the new version of the popular platform is the improved mailing technology that allows users to have multiple accounts, as well as support for Microsoft Exchange server. It’s also got a new, revamped web browser that is HTML5 capable. It also provides support for multi-touch and double-tap zooms. It allows cameras to use digital zoom, flash and make basic image adjustments like white balance. Thanks to the touchscreen keyboard, those who type fast won’t have too many problems like pressing the backspace key repeatedly. Another feature is a Quick Contact shortcut that’s been added to enable users to call, message and locate users, right from the top level.

There’s more to it than mere ergonomics, there’s also some better support promised for graphics acceleration and acceptance of Bluetooth 2.1. Let’s hope we get a first hand touch of this one with the Motorola Droid.

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