Google and Volkswagen team up to develop navigation system

by Dhiram Shah

Google and Volkswagen of America are developing an in-car navigation system that displays a bird’s eye view of the road ahead instead of line drawings found in current systems. The two companies are working with nVidia who will be powering the three-dimensional display so passengers can see pictures of the stores, houses and office buildings they pass en route to a particular location. Google would provide the search engine for retrieving information from the Web to overlay on the photos, Stoschek said. Using the system’s touch screen, a driver could search for the closest gas station, for example, and get back a list of several on a photo of the surrounding area, along with the price of gasoline at the different locations.

The 3D display will be rendered using Google Earth which
combines road maps with satellite imagery of locations. The driver will
type the destination and the system will display the best route based on
traffic conditions. Volkswagen does not have plans at the moment to integrate
the system in their cars. But the collaboration with VW shows that the search
giant is flexing it’s muscles in other avenues.
Via – Informationweek
Images via – Autoblog

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