Google unveils smart contact lens that is a wireless glucose monitor

by Sayan Chakravarty

If you think the Google Glass is cool, then here’s something by the tech-giant that re-defines the purpose of eyewear. For long we have only seen smart contact lenses in sci-fi movies which double up as virtual displays, but we all know that they are work of fiction which won’t become into reality any time soon. But Google has come up with contact lenses that have wireless chip and sensors embedded into them and can measure the glucose level of the person wearing it. The Google X team, which works on projects and concepts that aren’t a part of the company’s core competencies, made this smart contact lens.

The smart contact lens uses tears from the eye to measure the glucose level which can effectively replace the current method that needs blood sample. According to Google, they are working to create a contact lens with a LED light built into it that will be able to notify the user if their glucose levels are too high or low. The wireless chip will relay the information to external devices which can be transferred to doctors and physicians in real-time. Google has also stated that they are currently in discussions with the FDA on turning this smart contact lens into a commercially and medically viable product. How soon that happens is not clear but nevertheless, the idea is awesome!