Google unveils an autonomous car prototype with breakneck speeds of 25 miles per hour

by Gavril Mankoo

Well, who wants to drive around a car anyway, don’t you agree? There are so many things we can think of right now that we’d rather do in a car then drive it, like gulping down a big bag of Doritos, placing our feet on the dashboard while snoozing, or sticking our heads out of the window. Google thinks just like us. The technology giant, who usually spends a lot of time developing smartphone technology that makes Apple cringe, has now come up with a way to make automakers around the world cringe! Google has built a car from scratch, a car that’s capable of ferrying you around while you do absolutely nothing!

The automated car by Google has no manual controls. Yep, no brake pedal, no gas pedal to stamp on repeatedly and no clutch pedal either. Oh, this one has no steering wheel too. That said, the car’s completely autonomous and relies on extremely intelligent insides to maneuver around town without winding up as a crushed tin can. The car was unveiled quite recently by CEO Sergey Brin and has a pretty unexciting speed limit of 25 miles per hour. With basic interiors that won’t spoil you as much as a Merc will and a front that looks like a face, the car is a prototype and we’re hoping Google will give it a not-so-comical facelift before it hits production lines.