Google Nexus 5 to retail with revised and repaired body

by Gareth Mankoo

There was a buzz among the members in the XDA-Developers Forum, in regard to a few hardware challenges that the former Nexus 5 presented users with. However, the new variant of the flagship phone will be shipping with quite a few fixes that are aimed at resolving the many issues that the first cut variant caused. Among these were bigger speaker holes, more sturdy buttons for enhanced use and a yellowish tint in the new display. All of this came into the spotlight when a member of the forum had returned his faulty handset, which was duly replaced by the new enhanced version.

Some other complaints that were prevalent right from the word go were a ‘cutting-edge’ display frame (literally), a protruding SIM tray as well as unstable and noisy buttons. All said and done, it’s good to know that the shortcomings of the phone have been acknowledged and been ‘taken care of’ without leaving hanging promises about a new variant and so forth.



[Via – Pocketdroid]

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