Google to Launch Samsung Galaxy S4 “Google Edition” at the I/O event

by Sayan Chakravarty

Amidst all the rumours surrounding the Google I/O event scheduled for tomorrow we have learnt that Google has collaborated with Samsung to launch a Galaxy S4 “Google Edition”. But don’t get fooled, it isn’t going to be something absolutely new and neither mix it up with Google’s next Nexus device. The hardware is going be the same as that of Galaxy S4, but it’ll have a stock Android, most probably 4.2.2. There are a lot of people – like me — who get mesmerised by the phone’s hardware but are less than happy with the bloatware and extra layers the manufacturers put on top of the Android OS. In such cases the a new ROM like “CynogenMod” has to be installed on the phone, but the process is tricky, difficult and once done it voids the warranty, and frankly speaking very few except developers toy around with a brand new piece of hardware that costs that much. To resolve all these issues, Google has readied a pure AOSP (Android Open Source Project) version of the Galaxy S4 that’ll be launched tomorrow at the event. The pricing is still unknown along with details on who’ll be selling the device. It should hit the markets by June end, and should be a definite hit amongst people looking for a mighty smartphone with a stock ROM.

[Via – Geek]