Google Glass receives WordPress plug-in, because using fingers to publish is too mainstream

by Gareth Mankoo

The future of blog publishing could be ‘optical’, and we’re not being random. Google Glass users are now blessed with a cool plug-in app that works with the WordPress publishing platform. This offers media organizations and individuals an exclusive means to post their stories, images and video clips online, using only their eyes! Called the wpForGlass plug-in, this exclusive application is developed by Weber Shandwick, a PR agency. It has not been launched by WordPress itself but is making shock-waves in tech news forums and blogs. Given the nature of the work done by the developers of the app, it currently serves the purpose of instantly posting new images or videos of live events, onto blogs or websites.

“Instead of pulling out a phone or camera to take a picture that needs to be posted online right away, this is so much easier,” said Ozzy Farman, Weber Shandwick’s SVP of technology innovation. “It doesn’t support voice commands yet, but it’s in the pipeline. That is something we hope to have up and running by the time Google Glass officially launches.”

[Via – Mashable]

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