Google Glass technology has gone to the dogs… literally and figuratively

by Shayne Rana

The latest development from the Google camp regarding their wearable medium of communication and data delivery, i.e. Google Glass is that it’s fit for a man, its fit for his dog. No really, that pretty much the gist of what the search giant is aiming at. The company believes that Google Glass can be a serious tool for those working with animals in a variety of fields like bomb-detection and cadaver dogs. Canines equipped with Google Glass technology could be a vital asset in terms of communication between the animals and their handlers. The camera and sensor equipped used in the technology could enable handlers to remotely view what their furry friends are looking at and even use apps and other software for analysis.

Although we’re not going to see Google Glass tech for at least a year if not sooner, development on a computerised harness like adaptation of the system is already underway. Google is working in conjunction with the Georgia Institute of Technology to help develop the Glass technology for animals. Aptly named FIDO – Facilitating Interactions for Dogs with Occupations, trained animals will be taught to use this technology for various purposes using a variety of sensors for communication. The capabilities of this tech is now being realised in a so many streams including helping seeing eye dogs and their owners get more awareness of the surroundings.

[Via – Androidpit]

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