Google displays hacked Adidas shoes that can talk!

by Gareth Mankoo

Google are adding technology to everything. First it was glasses and now we may most likely be seeing a pretty smart show. At SXSW, Google went on to show off their talking shoe. This show comes rigged with customized accelerometers, gyroscopes, pressure sensors, and a microphone attached to its tongue. Developed by Adidas, the shoe offers feedback, based on movements during exercise and a unique personality that can be pre-defined by a user. This means that you could well have a disciplinarian for a shoe or a mere companion. What’s more is it can communication with your Android device using Bluetooth, thus keeping you in tune with what’s happening. It could well be annoying as well with statements such as, “I’m snoring”, or “In case you forgot, it’s left right left right.”

These shoes can greatly encourage creativity and even help those who are supposed to keep their legs stationary and in balance, especially during post surgery care. We can also see this going forward and adorning the feet of soccer players who are ever eager to know if they’re caught in an offside position wrongly or if the flag should have stayed down after all.


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