Google announces Android Auto to bridge cars and smartphones in the near future

by Gavril Mankoo

Given the fact that we human beings simply love staying connected at all times, Google has come up with a swanky new way to stay in the loop while driving around town. Unveiled at Google’s I/O conference recently, the Android Auto is Google’s newest solution to smartphone-car connectivity. Using this, owners will simply need to plug their smartphones into their cars’ system for a complete voice-activated experience that includes Google Play Music, Google Maps, text message play back and lots more! And that’s not all! Google will also enable third party developers to craft applications for the Android Auto.

Currently, Google has made no official statement in regards to which automobile manufacturer will first embrace this technology upgrade. However, given the fact that Google today has a long-standing reputation in the realm of technology, we do expect a host of automakers to grab the new technology. From the looks of it, major car manufacturers like Ford, General Motors, Fiat Chrysler, Honda, Hyundai, Nissan and Volkswagen could soon begin using the Android Auto. With this, drivers could soon text, switch between songs, navigate and have their emails read out to them, without having to leave the steering wheel! Welcome home Android Auto, you’ve been long awaited.