Golf the RadarGolf way

by Dhiram Shah

Golf is considered an extremely aristocratic and refined game. But when these aristocrats have to find the ball they loose their cool too and this can be quiet maddening. It not only prolongs the game but makes it mundane too. RadarGolf is now coming to your rescue with RadarGolf balls. They have developed proprietary Ball Positioning System (BPS) technology, offering golfers for the first time the ability to find lost golf balls with minimal search time. These balls are high quality golf balls that outperform many premium brands. A handheld finder tracks a proprietary microchip embedded in the ball that is otherwise equal to a regular golf ball in everyway.

Within a range of 30-100 feet, the LCD screens visual feedback and also an audio tone gets stronger as you near the ball. What more, it is thoroughly tested for performance and durability and is USGA-Conforming. One dozen balls cost $39.95. With that price you are buying your cool rather economical.