The Gold Apple Watch will cost you what?!

by Shruti Shree

$5,000. No, there’s not an extra zero after 5, if you are thinking so. A leak suggests that the gold Apple Watch might actually cost you five thousand dollars. Has Apple gone crazy or what? The days of dents and holes in the pocket are gone; this one might actually put you in some serious debt that is if you can’t resist buying it. However, the starting range for the Apple watch will be an affordable $350 for the sports version and $500 for the stainless steel version. But hey, the gold one looks really gorgeous and there’s no gold plating, but actual 18 K gold. The gold Apple Watch will come in two versions – yellow gold and rose gold. All that looks and beauty and hotness is fine, but the main question here is – will the Apple Watch not become obsolete in a year or two? Yes, we spend much more on a Rolex but it lasts for generations. Why spend $5,000 on a watch which will be of use for a year or two or max three years? Apple writer John Gruber has been trying to figure that out and has some speculation. He said Apple could make the computer chip that would power the Apple Watch replaceable. Gruber got this idea from the Apple’s page where they have displayed the Apple S1 chip. Apple says they have configured the entire computer system on a single chip. So when a new chip is launched, suppose that id S2, then the S1 can be replaced with the S2 chip. Sounds good, the super expensive Watch will last a few years at least, some value for money.

The gold Apple Watch will come with an aluminium case and five fluoroelastomer bands in different colors. The gold Apple Watch will be up for grabs in 2015.