Glowing ice-cubes respond to music, keep drinkers vary of consumption

by Gareth Mankoo

It’s only be experience will one know how bad over-drinking can prove to be, especially if you’re going macho and going at top tempo or without food. We, the self-professed alcoholics of geekdom bow down to Dhairya Dand, an MIT Media Lab researcher who has brought about the conceptualization of ice cubes that warn drinkers when they’re going overboard. The cubes are illuminated with colored light that changes from green to red as you keep drinking beyond your safety limit. If you continue, the cubes go on to text friends via your cellphone, making them aware of your drinking spree. These aren’t just mundane glowing cubes but actually do well sync with the music playing too.

The cubes actually are made of a coin cell battery, an ATtiny microcontroller, and an IR transceiver housed in a gelatin ice cube. The microcontroller counts the number of sips per drink. It’s pretty practical and begging for public circulation.