Glove and Boot dryer for dry, warm hands and feet

by radhika

It’s always a bummer to dry clothes during the rainy season and winters. The chill factor doesn’t allow them to dry off properly. I know many who use radiator racks to hang their towels or small items, but boots and gloves often get neglected. This easy contraption, simply called the Glove and Boot dryer promises to dry your essentials even if its wet outside. It will dry out everything from shoes to boots to ice skates, and, of course, gloves and mittens. Pile up the boots and gloves on the four posts and within no time you have warm, toasty adornments.

The Glove and Boot dryer makes use of convection to dry the items safely and thoroughly without you the worrying about of damaging or setting them on fire.its available at Amazon for $40.
Via – Gizmodiva

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