Giving fairytales a breath of life, interactive mirror allows kids to participate in stories

by Gavril Mankoo

One of the best parts of our childhoods includes dreaming of fairytales, wishing we were part of them. Kids today now have a chance to step closer to the fairytales they’ve been narrated, passed down through generations. Called the “Through the Looking Glass”, this interactive mirror by Romy van den Broek incorporates a highly-reflective LCD screen and motion sensors, allowing for kids to interact and play a role as the story unfolds. And the mirror isn’t limited to a single user. This one also allows for up to two children to have a hearty fairytale time interacting with each other and living a dream.

A genius innovation we can’t help wishing was thought of in our childhood days, the Through the Looking Glass is one of the coolest toys we’ve stumbled across.

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